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Our approach consists of brainstorming ideas and ways to support others in order to create a safe space. A space to inform others of inaccurately harmful views which have been socialised alongside encouraging the ideology that unconditionally loving and accepting yourself is irreplaceable. 

We have a great group of people who are actively involved in contributing their ideas and stories ranging from peers to adults, this ensures we consistently have a wide range of input and perspectives when addressing such important matters.


The way we stop generation after generation needing to reteach themselves how to approach discrimination and stigmatised ideas, is by teaching it correctly the first time. While we can't ensure every school in the world does this, we will try and do our part in speaking upon matters such as these in order to ensure the message that mental health and/or body image is not correlational with worth.

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1self is incredibly lucky to have a wide group of contributors and collaborators who are constantly assisting in the growth of the organisation alongside brainstorming brilliant ideas for the nonprofit.


Thank you so much to everyone involved including:

  • Esme Gavin 

  • Chloe D’Hondt Kallina

  • Toni-Rose Jobin 

  • Leila Jallad

  • Kirsty Love

  • Jenna Baker 

  • Rsaal Firoz 

  • Beth Reeve 

Our Approach

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