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What is 1self?

Oneself. Is a non profit organisation whose aim is to combat self criticism and societal expectations of ‘beauty’ with love and support whilst simultaneously advocating for mental health awareness. 

Oneself. Consists of student-led talks and activities for younger children in order to show them that being unequivocally themselves is a beautiful power only they possess and self love is anything but selfish. Societal definitions and standards of worth, no matter how protected you are from them, can always seep into a person's mindset consequently affecting mental health. Due to this our aim is to not pretend as though those harmful discriminations don't exist but to merely debunk them and provide the resources for children to understand more about mental health and feel comfortable in their own skin despite whatever discrimination or trolling they may encounter. We want to create an outlet which shows them, with no ounce of shame, that everyone is unique and different; that's our power thus supporting a life where comparison isn’t used as a weapon to tear each other, or ourselves, down.


Toxic positivity and negativity will not be allowed. All that's allowed is pure unconditional acceptance and support amongst friends.


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